ROBERTS LURES BIG SHOT 4oz is a modified RANGER design.

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Our surface lure products attempt to address the full range of casting outfits used by the fisherman. The BIG SHOT is the heaviest lure in our surface lure selection. It is a modified RANGER design for those fisherman using really big surf rods. On the Vineyard, the ROBERTS LURES BIG SHOTS are used to cast directly into the Northeast gales, which produce the whitewater and wild conditions that Stripers love. By the way, it works well in regular weather conditions also. Fishermen from Cabo San Lucas report it as the long- distance surfcasting lure for Roosterfish and Jacks. Same for Giant Trevally on Kiribati and Bali. ROBERTS LURES BIG SHOT is 6 inches long and uses a Mustad #3407 7/0 hook. Made in USA.

HOW TO USE - Cast is the usual manner. Retrieve at any speed from slow to fast. Best action is in the middle to fast range. No rod action is necessary except when water is almost glassy calm, then a moderate up and down or side to side action  with the rod tip will help. Slower retrieve in rougher water, faster in calmer water is a general rule. Condition of water, wind conditions, light and the type of fish you seek have a bearing on plug speed.

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