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ROBERTS LURES BOUNDER 1 3/4oz is somewhat flatter than the Ranger.

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The 1 3/4 oz. ROBERTS LURES BOUNDER is a modified Ranger designed for the lighter surfcasting outfits, which are so popular. However, consider it a part of your bag of tricks with a heavier outfit. The BOUNDER will cast amazingly well with a "big stick." The lure is somewhat flatter than the Ranger. This enables a slower retrieve, while retaining the desired slip/slide surface action. It can still be retrieved very rapidly if desired. We've found the lure to be very productive for Stripers as well as Blues. The BOUNDER is 4 1/4 inches in length (does not include hook) and is rigged with a Mustad #9175 7/0 hook (short shank O'Shaughnessy style). Made in USA.

HOW TO USE - Cast is the usual manner. Retrieve at any speed from slow to fast. Best action is in the middle to fast range. No rod action is necessary except when water is almost glassy calm, then a moderate up and down or side to side action  with the rod tip will help. Slower retrieve in rougher water, faster in calmer water is a general rule. Condition of water, wind conditions, light and the type of fish you seek have a bearing on plug speed.

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