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Duo REALIS FANGPOP born to be the king of surface.

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Type: Floating Popper
Lenght: 105 mm
Weight: 24.5 g
Rattling: NO
Trebles: n°2 #1/0 2X
Target: Sebass, Bluefish, Leerfish
Swimming depth: topwater

After conquering shallow and deep waters with Fangbaits, Fang Ops is ready to rule the surface too. Introducing FangPop, the new topwater master. Even with light twitching, FangPop splashes the water well accompanied by a sweet pop sound to attract the predators to reach out. Versatile enough to be used for GT-style popping, straight fast retrieve as well as staging a crisp walk the dog, FangPop proves it’s all-rounder status. Outfitted with heavy-duty hardware, including 2X treble hooks and extra strong stainless steel split rings, the FangPop can handle epic battles from hardest fighting toothy predators. Finished in a wide range of highly detailed colors, the Duo Realis FangPop is ready to travel world in search of your next trophy.

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