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Megabass CHUGY-X



MEGABASS CHUGY-X is a topwater lure for extreme fishing action.

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Type: Floating EXTREME TOPWATER Popper
Lenght: 113.0 mm
Weight: 17.5 g
Rattling: SI
Trebles/Hooks: n°2 #2
Target: Black Bass, Seabass, Bluefish
Depth range: topwater

MEGABASS CHUGY-X is greatly equipped with water in take & chamber system to an opened mouse cup and realizes easy bubbling dog walk. The 180 degrees table turn with a little movement distance invites out a fish in the pin spot which I aimed at. In speedly twitching, I show quick side turn and slpashing. I turn around a hand and appeal to a well widespread target and bring about many strike chences in valuable feeding time. In addition, flying distance and the cast Acura sea where it is overwhelming that the sharp form which held backward center of gravity design and air resistance in check was realized. I enable accurate approach in the long distance which is an important element of the top water. MEGABASS CHUGY-X where accurete approach to the situation is possible presents aggressive top water fishing.

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