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Lucky Craft BEVY PENCIL 60



LUCKY CRAFT BEVY PENCIL 60 is a easy to use "Walking the Dog" pencil bait.

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Type: Slow Sinking Jerkbait
Lenght: 60mm
Weight: 3.7g
Rattling: SI
Trebles/Hooks: n° 2 #10
Target: Seabass, Black Bass, Perch, Chub
Depht range: topwater

One advantage of pencil baits is that they can be cast far despite being floating-type lures. These baits have their center of gravity positioned toward the rear and have no lips or other parts that create air resistance, which results in a long flying distance. This feature is the greatest weapon when you use a baby size lure. Another advantage is that you can search a constant range at 0 cm from the water’s surface in a very stable manner, where the lure can be seen by many fish, while creating an appeal of ebbing waves. In the condition where you must attract “fish eaters on a steep slope,” or in an upward inclined area at the bottom of the water, fish eaters are able to see a wide range above them. Accordingly, pencil baits that produce simple actions are ideal in this situation. LUCKY CRAFT BEVY PENCIL 60 is a easy to use "Walking the Dog" pencil bait.

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