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Maria POP QUEEN 105

Maria Japan


MARIA POP QUEEN dives & swims tricky on the surface with Bubble Tail for drawing big one.

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If you want to enjoy game fishing on the boat, using Popper is amazing!

Since the make its debut as a frontier of Japanese Popper, MARIA POP QUEEN has been getting full support from anglers. The reason of its popularity is its tricky action with bubble. MARIA POP QUEEN dives & swims tricky on the surface with Bubble Tail for drawing big one. To enjoy offshore game the lures must cast as far as possible to reach the fish. MARIA POP QUEEN's bullet-like body shape and the weight balance allow it to get long distance casting. Also, its body shape and the cup-like mouth work well to make splash and twist action. Fast retrieve to split water is effective method for active fish. MARIA POP QUEEN moves with splashing and swimming. Popping is also effective for negative mode target. This kinds of action bring out " Reaction bite"( bite by reflex action ) from a big fish. 105mm version is 28g and it is equipped with 2x Owner trebles #1.

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