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Seaspin TOTO 113

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The hole that “strikes”!!

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Type: Floating Silent Popper, Long Casting
Lenght: 113mm
Weight: 22,8g
Rattling: NO
Trebles: super sharp trebles corrosion resistant 3X, n°2 #4
Target: Bluefish, Leerfish, Seabass 
Swimming depth: top water

TOTO 113 is 113 mm long and is a popper basically dedicated to medium-sized fish such as seabass, dolphin, barracuda, amberjack, leer and bluefish. With its weight of 23 g it falls perfectly into the classic “comfort zone” of the most Mediterranean anglers.
It has essentially the same shape as the larger model and this is also characterized by the transverse through hole, present in the rear part of the body, and by the two asymmetrical flaring sides used to convey a greater quantity of air and water towards the curved surfaces around the hole.
In this way the extra pressure present in the rear part, combined with the normal water pressure during the swimming in the front part of all the popper, creates a bigger wagging movement of the lure, a tube of bubbles no doubt higher than that the ones formed by conventional poppers, a rear brake that slows down the lure when the angler interrupts the retrieve and, in general, allows greater control of the bait.
TOTO 113 is mostly a “swimmer” popper that automatically enters and leaves the water during the retrieve action without the need for any special action with the rod by the angler. Retrieved linearly, or alternated with short or long jerks, it creates an underwater tube of really important bubbles, and a characteristic “thrill” that enters into vibration independently at regular intervals. Perfect even popping and more convenient than the larger model with the normal MH rods. It has the inner wire.

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