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Seaspin Project


Seaspin Project Pendolino Rig System is a new way to fish with softbaits!

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A fisherman, a soft bait, a weight, a hook and the bait comes to life !

A new “way” of understanding silicone fishing bait, which, using specific rings and weights as well as being in good contact with the lure, it allows us to summarize in a polyvalent technical expertise from various fishing systems, often ancient, forgotten.
Refine, develop, fully understand this technique will allow us to deal with most predators with simplicity and effectiveness…from tuna to snapper from seabass to bass, pike, catfish…What makes so versatile and widely used this fishing “System”, it’s the fact that the rings, weights, hooks, snap-hooks and also the way of thinking and moving the rod and the reel’s crank handle will allow us to manage from now on the life (motion) of the lure in complete autonomy, making us finally free from inert or binding lips and weights.
So we will have the ability to cast, sink, weight, rumble, search and stimulate the predator as we like at the best…each one in his own way, by transmitting perfectly to the lure just what we believe it is possible to catch…A new way of catching and thinking, to approach various situations and spots, a catch technique extremely easy for some essential characteristics: resistance to sticking points, variable ballasting system and movement, vitality and maximum maneuverability of the lure, with the same possibility to probe with the lure any water layer while maintaining mobility and capturing power in both sinking and back up impeccably taking advantage of currents and obstacles, maximum control of vibration and sounds, clicks and movements.
With this way of fishing we will learn to “Call, buzz, knock on fish’ home” by searching in places and situations considered so far difficult or impossible. “Swinging” can be reduced to the bare minimum invasiveness and the disturbance of the lure on suspicious fish and in the same way, with simplicity and effectiveness, be irritating, intrusive and “noisy” when situations and spots require it.

Persuader: the lightest and softest (7.5 g), to be used with any weight, both in suspension, sinking and in contact with the bottom, even in flat waters. The most suitable for night fishing in the estuary.
Persuader eye: larger and heavier (9.00 g), with a more rigid body. It is used with the classic pendulum rig, but also studied for standard performances presentations in cover or weightless for skipping on surface.
Persuader paddle: in addition to Pendolino and close contact with the bottom or sinking, it also lends itself to a minnow action on regular recoveries, to jerk mid water, in middle wave or just below the surface. Also suitable for sliding system on bottom. Aimed to more apathetic and difficult fish.

Persuader Eye12cm6
Persuader Paddle13cm6
SW hook3/06
SW hook4/05
Triangle Snap--6

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