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FISH ARROW FLASH-J SHAD have a paddle tail and LUMINOVA treatment.

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The incredible fluorescence of the FISH ARROW LUMINOVA treatment is impressive, exceeding every expectation. In addition to being much brighter than any other similar material on the market, the new LUMINOVA treatment is also much more resistant over time (over 8 minutes), maintaining its effectiveness even at extreme depths (up to 100 meters depth). Especially recommended for night fishing sessions. It seems that glow features attract fish so efficiently in dark deep water,low light conditions and also in muddy waters.

FISH ARROW FLASH-J SHAD LUMINOVA equip this glow material. These are not conventional UV Active colors an invention of the Japanese manufacturer Nemoto & Co Ltd. , which was looking for a replacement for former radioactive constituents in clock dials. When protected as luminova and patented color inorganic Fluorescent be used based on alkaline earth metal aluminates, which - as far as we know - are still been used in any bait. FISH ARROW FLASH-J SHAD is built with a hard-thumping paddle-tail, the FISH ARROW FLASH-J SHAD take the proven effectiveness of the FLASH J design and open it up to an even broader range of applications. Whether they're fished weightless, on an umbrella rig, or dropshot, the FISH ARROW FLASH-J SHAD grab bass’ attention with a foil insert that replicates the erratic shine of a panicked shad. Built with an intricate scaling pattern and 3D eyes, the FISH ARROW FLASH-J SHAD fool the wariest bass into biting with their unbelievable baitfish impersonatio.


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