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LiveTarget SARDINE SWIMBAIT is a soft plastic life-like a Sardine.

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LiveTarget SARDINE SWIMBAIT will be a must for every saltwater angler. The profile is an exact match to use when the Whitebait arrive at their in-shore spawning grounds. The oscillator is dialed to a tight flicker action. Put away the cast net and tie on a LIVETARGET SARDINE Swimbait. Saltwater.

LIVETARGET has combined nature’s best with modern technology to create an exciting new collection of Swimbaits. Available in 9 common forages, the Swimbait Series is designed to look and swim just like real fish. Get Pro Tips on the Swimbait Series key features and how to fish them with FLW Touring Pro Scott Martin.

SDS95MS3 ½"Medium Slow1'-8'½ oz
SDS115MS4 ½"Medium Slow1'-8'1 oz

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