ZEPHYRUS LIGHT JAB is a metal jig with a highly innovative shape.

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ZEPHYRUS brand born in December 2016 from an ideas of a group of anglers. The first project developed involved the creation of two lines of metal jig that could cover in every way the medium-light fishing, both from the boat and from the shore. The prototypes made first in wood and then in lead, were refined after a year of fishing tests to ensure maximum captureability and that is how the ZEPHYRUS project started with the Blaster and Light Jab products. In ancient mythology, ZEPHYRUS was the god of west winds, which lash the Tuscan coast where our project was born, bringing those storms that are the hope of opportunity for the fisherman.

LIGHT JAB is a metal jig realized modelling a piece of wood! It has a highly innovative shape and it is produced with a special metal alloy. The centered balancing of the bait gives a unique set-up during the sinking phase and an exceptional stability during the recovery allowing the complete personalization of the fishing action. It is indicated in off-shore pelagic fishing when we need to have a slow, linear or jerked recovery action, or slow sinking. The right configuration of hooks or trebles allows us to adapt it optimally even to fast linear recoveries. Available in the 28g size that can be used, on medium-low depths, in the search for fish that usually stand in deeper layers of water, maneuvering according to the typical action of slow pitch.

LIGHT JAB 2828g78mm

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