ZEPHYRUS BLASTER is a linear metal jig simple to use.

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ZEPHYRUS brand born in December 2016 from an ideas of a group of anglers. The first project developed involved the creation of two lines of metal jig that could cover in every way the medium-light fishing, both from the boat and from the shore. The prototypes made first in wood and then in lead, were refined after a year of fishing tests to ensure maximum captureability and that is how the ZEPHYRUS project started with the Blaster and Light Jab products. In ancient mythology, ZEPHYRUS was the god of west winds, which lash the Tuscan coast where our project was born, bringing those storms that are the hope of opportunity for the fisherman.

The first BLASTER is been realized modeling a piece of wood! BLASTER is a lead lure ideal for a linear retrieve or a jerking retrieve, modulated according to the reactivity of the fish, and during the fast sinking phase. The particular shape allows a long throw in the launch and an impeccable stability in flight ensuring maximum precision. The choice of the two formats, 14 g and 28 g, gives the possibility to help the fisherman in different fishing situations. The colors have been specially chosen and studied based on the experiences gained during the fishing tests. The target is bonito, dolphinfish, little tunny and bluefin tuna.

In 2019 born HEAVY DUTU version in 45g size and 4 colors. It is developed for big pelagics hunting small prays. The weight and aereodynamic shape let you use easily with heavy fishing gear.

BLASTER 1414g64mm
BLASTER 2828g79mm

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