LiveTarget SCALED SARDINE Twitchbait 75 Suspending



LiveTarget SCALED SARDINE Twitchbait is a lipless with an extreme erratic action.

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17,40 €

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Designed to target Trout, Snook, and Redfish. Extreme erratic action. Twitch with a slow cadence or aggressive retrieve. Floating or suspending.  Wire-thru. Electro-plate or ghost finishes.

SST75F3"Floating0-4"7/16 oz
SST75S3"Suspend0-1'7/16 oz
SST90F3 1/2"Floating0-4"5/8 oz
SST90S3 1/2"Suspend0-1'11/16 oz
SST115F4 1/2"Floating0-4"1/2 oz
SST115S4 1/2"Suspend0-1'9/16 oz

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