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Jack Fin ARGO 180-F



JACK FIN ARGO 75 is a floating stick-bait with incredible performances.

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Type: Floating TUNA Stick Bait
Lenght: 180mm
Weight: 75g
Rattling: NO
Treble/Hooks: sold without treble/hooks
Target: Bluefin Tuna
Swimming depht: topwater

Argo changes name ! (MARCH 2017)
To be in line with all the other lures, whose numbers indicate the lenght, we decided to change the 75 (that stood for grams) into 180-F (mm - Floating). Nothing, absolutely nothing changes in the lure, it's only a matter of numbers.

"JACK FIN is specialized in design and production of handmade fishing lures. Our target is to cover fishermen needs, in all those situations where a generic lure is not enough. We impose to us to reach the best results through the constant desire to improve. Forefront about the production techniques and the materials used, thanks to the continuous study and research."

Argo 75 is a floating stick-bait with incredible performances. One of the features that will make you appreciate this stick-bait is the simplicity with which you can do the subwalk-action with the classic "long jerking action" of the rod. The pectoral fins enhance the flashing of the lure, a peculiarity that combined with the bubble tunnel trail produced by the surface action, are able to attract predators from great distance. Argo 75 is designed for heavy fishing: it has 1,8 mm stainless steel through wire inside and it's protected by several layers of extra-strong glossy finish, making the coloration more resistant against toothy fish.

Recommended settings:
- (belly) treble hook ST-66 or VMC 8527 #2/0; (tail) treble hook ST-66 or VMC 8527 #3/0 (45° attitude)
- 2 treble hooks ST-66 or VMC 8527 #3/0 (60° attitude)

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