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SEASPIN JANAS 107 seems to be dancing in the water!

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Type: Sinking Pencil Bait
Lenght: 107mm
Weight: 27g
Rattling: NO
Trebles/Hooks: super-sharp, corrosion resistant salt water treble hooks n° 2 Seaspin Très 3X #4
Target: Bluefish, Spigola, Tonno Rosso, Tombarello, Lampuga
Depht range: 5-120cm (0.2-4 ft)

Janas is a sinking lipless pencil bait and belongs to that category of lures that Has had a recent and interesting evolution as they allow the angler to animate it to his liking depending on the circumstances. Thanks to its technical characteristics it can be casted very far becoming the eclectic bait par excellence. Janas in Sardinian language means “fairy”, seems to be dancing in the water when alternating a regular retrieve, in which the lure performs a slalom action, to long pauses in which rolling emits large flares when falling freely in the current. Valid against any marine predator and particularly recommended in feeding frenzies of bonitos of small and medium sizes. The standard is equipped with two Très 3X #4 hooks but it can also be used with Gamu #2/0 single hooks or, in case used for bluefin tuna, even a big size single hook in the tail of adequate strength.

Slow retrieve: slalom
Regular and fast retrieve: slalom and rolling
“Flutter” retrieve: When Janas falls freely into current flutters with a strong roll and large flashes.
Jerking: To stimulate the fish aggressiveness you may want to give strong accelerations with the rod in single or multiple sequence, so as to force the lure to make large skids. Intersperse jerks with pause and / or variable recovery.

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