Molix SB 120B



MOLIX SB 120B is a sinking and silent stick bait.

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Type: Sinking Casting Jig Minnow
Lenght: 120mm
Weight: 26g
Rattling: NO
Trebles/Hooks: n°2 #2 3X
Target: Seabass, Bluefish, Atlantic Bonito, Little Tunny, Bluefin Tuna
Depth range: 0-30cm

MOLIX SB 120B (STICK BAIT 120 BAITFISH) is an exclusive sinking “subwalk” bait. Thanks to the special hydrodynamic profile it allows to obtain a “walking the dog” movement under the surface of the water. The transfer of the mobile weight inside the bait is obtained through a special metal cylinder with a magnetic block in the front part; it guarantees long and precise castings and an optimal and ultra silent setting during the retrieval phase. The MOLIX SB 120B is designed with a full-wire armour made of stainless steel and it features two strong treble hooks. The colors are made with UV coating finish.

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