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Seaspin Project


Seaspin MOMMOTTI 180 LIP SF, the reinforced version!

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Type: slow floating jerking minnow, long casting
Lenght: 180mm
Weight: 26g
Rattling: SI
Trebles: super-sharp, corrosion resistant salt water treble hooks 3X, n°3 #4
Target: Bluefish, Seabass, Barracuda, Atlantic Bonito
Depht range: 50-70 cm

Given the success of the original model and the continuous request for the use not only in saltwater, it has been realized a version with slightly different characteristics, in addition to those of the original model. The main novelty consists in the presence of a lip no more in abs, as the rest of the body of the lure, but in pcb (“printed circuit board”); in practice the same material of printed circuit in electronics, much more resistant to the same thickness of the abovementioned abs. The advantages of this material are many and range from the increased resistance lip against underwater rocks, especially at low temperatures of the river in trout fishing, to the increased mobility of the lure, particularly at low speed, from a more accentuated general reactivity of the bait in jerking in particular with start-up. The weights are the same of the original models and they have an inner wire as the brand’s tradition and three treble hooks resistant to saltwater corrosion size #4 and strength 2x for SF version and 3x for SS version. Patent P design, for protection and security, it is currently registered throughout the European community.


Slow retrieve: light wobbling & rolling
Regular retrieve: wobbling & rolling
Fast retrieve: wide wobbling
Jerking: to stimulate the fish aggressiveness you may want to give strong accelerations with the rod in single or multiple sequence, so as to force the lure to make large skids. Intersperse jerks with pause and/or variable retrieval.

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