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Seaspin BUGINU 115 DEEP

Seaspin Project


Seaspin BUGINU 115 DEEP is the essential lure for those anglers who fish from the cliffs.

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Type: Sinking Minnow - Long Castig
Lenght: 155mm
Weight: 24g
Rattling: SI
Trebles: Super Sharp, Corrosion Resistant treble hooks 3X n°2 #2
Target: Seabass, Barracuda, Bluefish
Swimming depth: 120-180cm

When writing a catalog one tries to summarize the key features of a lure in a few lines. It speaks of the technical data, its action and depth of swimming. In the case of Buginu 115 D, the phrase that always comes to my mind is only one: it is the essential lure for those who fish from the cliff. What you can never give up is that it will always give you fun while you’re “struggling” with rough sea and wind against. Although retrieving from high cliff, its correct action up to under your spot, will allow you to capture even fish that attack you at the last moment, as barracuda sometimes do. It is the final solution (ultimate could be the right word!!) to fish from locations with high sea without renouncing to make long casts and the pleasure to customize your lure. It is present an inner wire and a reinforced lip and hooks; suitable for all reef predators such as sea bass, bluefish, barracuda , snapper etc. The typical fan shape lip, characteristic of the Buginu series, is a registered design.


Slow retrieve: Light wobbling
Regular retrieve: Wobbling & light rolling
Fast retrieve: Wide wobbling & rolling
Jerking: Beginning and ending each jerk with a slack period after single to multiple jerks. Increase frequency between jerks and pauses as fish activity level increases.


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    • P. Gianluca
    •  the 19/12/2018
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