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LUCKY CRAFT SLENDER POINTER 67 MR has been developed to catch when fish are reluctant to bite.

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Type: Dead SLOW Suspending Jerkbait
Lenght: 67mm
Weight: 3.7g
Rattling: NO
Trebles/Hooks: n° 3 #12 (head) #12 (belly, double hook) #10 (tail)
Target: Rainbow Trout, Perch, Chub
Depht range: 60-90cm

The SLENDER POINTER Series has the attraction of a lively radical sliding action and excellent castability. The SLENDER POINTER achieves the maximum possible castability by using the Lucky Craft’s unique weight transfer system. Under conditions where fish are reluctant to bite, such as under the influence of a cold front and during pre-spawning season, the Slender Pointer is a go to bait. The LUCKY CRAFT SLENDER POINTER has a slightly wider and more erratic action than the Pointer Series. Also, all three sizes of the Slender Pointer come standard with three treble hooks. The POINTER in Japan is called B'FREEZE. Two different name but the same fantastic lure! Saltwater type is different from freshwater type for colors and nickel trebles.

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