Duo TIDE MINNOW SLIM 200 FLYER, the ultimate lure of Advance Line series.

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The ultimate size, the ultimate performance!

Based on feedback from scores of anglers, Duo engineers have fine-tuned this model for superb performance under specific conditions. With the sinking setting of Tide Minnow Advance Line, anglers are able to further explore waters both horizontally and vertically.

The Next Level REINFORCED LIP. The attachment point of the lip tends to concentrate stress, so it is a made relatively thicker. A vertically tapered sap is employed so the lip is stronger overall without affecting the action response. Relative to the other lures, the lip is longer and angled closer to the body. This not onl improves the lure's performance in water but also reduces air resistance when casting, and also makes accidental breakage of the lip less likely.

Advance Line Moving Weight. There are two fixed weights in the mid-section and two tungsten and one steel shapere used for the moving weight. By giving the lure a lower center of gravity, it results in better action and gives it more stability when it flight.

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