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Seaspin COIXEDDA 100

Seaspin Project


SEASPIN COIXEDDA 100 is a compact shallow sinking minnow.

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Type: slow sinking shallow minnow, long casting
Lenght: 100 mm
Weight: 16g
Rattling: NO
Trebles/Hooks: Seaspin Gàmu SW round hooks, super-sharp corrosion resistant salt water hooks n°1 #1/0 and n°1 #1
Target: Seabass, Bluefish, Barracuda
Depth range: 10-40 cm (4-15”)

SEASPIN COIXEDDA 100 is a compact shallow minnows, sinking, characterized by an irresistible swimming with a sinuous wag even at low speeds and the ability to withstand the current and waves despite the very small sink. These features, combined with a long cast in often prohibitive conditions, making them perfect lures for fishing in shallow waters searching seabass, or for all situations where it needs a realistic fish swims just below the surface. In order to favor their swim in shallow waters without risking to run aground the lure on the rocks, Coixedda will be commercialized with n°2 saltwater round single hooks with the eye in the same layer of the point, especially design for hard bait.

Slow retrieve: tight rolling
Regular retrieve: wobbling & rolling
Fast retrieve: darting with errating swim

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