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Duo REALIS Rozante 77SP is the first of the special brand off the Realis series "Grade-A". 

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Type: Suspending (Magnet Assisted Weight)
Lenght: 77.0mm
Weight: 8.4g
Rattling: SI
Trebles: N°2 #8
Target: Black Bass, Seabass, Perch, Trout
Swimming depth: 80-120cm

The beefy body has been equipped with a magnet detaching moving weight system for absolute castability for land based anglers to get their lure out in strong head winds and side winds. The vibration is caused when a tighter darting action is imparted. The result is a mimic action similar to a fleeing fish. This consequently activates the feeding switch for the bass as soon as the lure comes into sight even with simple slow ~ fast retrieval. Furthermore, the lure can be worked as a shad type lure with a panicking dart like action through twitching of the rod, enabling anglers to invoke a bite from a bass in the least amount of distance. This lure will surely help those land-based anglers in a “linear” style of fishing of straight retrieval and a “spot-light” style of fishing with its panic dart action.

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