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Seaspin BUGINU 140

Seaspin Project


SEASPIN BUGINU 140 is a lure characterized by an innovative “fan shape” lip.

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Type: slow sinking silent minnow, long casting
Lenght: 140 mm
Weight: 28 g
Rattling: NO
Trebles/Hooks: Super-sharp, corrosion resistant salt water treble hooks 2X, n°3 #4
Target: Seabass, Bluefish, Barracuda
Depth range: 60-120 cm (2-4 ft)

SEASPIN BUGINU 140 is a new lure characterized by an innovative “fan shape” lip and by an atypical aesthetic that gives it unique performance and identifies it, although belonging to the traditional line of minnow, as one of the most futuristic and innovative of the lures of the recent years. A peculiar characteristic of this lure is the lip, with its absolutely new form, designed to allow a personal retrieve of those lures which have a deeper action that normally anglers can’t change its behavior. The lure produces sharp and fast vibration while swimming and his movement is composed of a very sinuous large wag, marked in the color contrasts between the back and sides by the particular shape of the body. Excellent casting performance and durability to the current. It has an inner armor ,reinforced lip and hooks, suitable for all predators, starting with seabass, bluefish, barracuda, snapper, etc… The lip shape has been filed as a “patent P”.

Slow retrieve: light wobbling
Regular retrieve: wobbling & light rolling
Fast retrieve: wide wobbling & rolling
Jerking: To stimulate the fish aggressiveness you may want to give strong accelerations with the rod in single or multiple sequence, so as to force the lure to make large skids. Intersperse jerks with pause and/or variable recovery.

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