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 RAIS C32 FEED is a tiny soft jerk of sinkRo serie.

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The C32 provides a realistic and responsive swimming action similar to a baitfish. Thanks to the lowered head and the perfect balance, can be casted & retrieved, swimming perfectly even without additional weights. Allows a versatile and effective animation in any fishing style, thanks to the innovative hydrodynamic design and its extreme vitality in any type and speed of retrieve. The high density compouns, durable, soft and elastic, guarantee very attractive and continuous vibrations with different frequencies. The bait responds easily and accurately to the movements imparted by the angler providing maximum customization of the lure in difficult situations. The C32 has a sinuous swimming, sudden changes of direction that can induce attack of predators apathetic and selective. Giving life to the C32, with erratic swimming or frenetic action, ground fishing, suspensions, river currents or seas, will be a simple game, direct and full of surprises.
The patterns have been carefully developed into different series depending on the environments and types of presentation; many details, iridescent pigments, 3D sculpted elements, prominent elements extremely priming and painting done by hand, piece by piece. A transparent coating layer makes the bait more durable and exceptionally brilliant, providing great ease of presentation in any environment.
HYDROLAB SYSTEM by RA'IS is an innovative design that starts from swimming and behavior of real fish and uses the CFD ( Computational Fluid Dynamics) computer to improve hydrodynamics and vibrations emitted by our baits. The swimming action of C32 is so natural and priming; ACTIVE SWIMMING is a system through which the tail, more mobile and free, vibrates anticipating the forward displacement, thanks to tapers and calibrated joints that transfer the forces of the line immediately to the mass of the caudal bulb, triggering a continuous elastic vibration, more believable and natural.
The C32 is part of the sinkRo series, a new way to thinking about fishing with soft baits where environmental factors such as wind, current, the water itself and the feeling of the fisherman are part of the fishing action based on a dynamic approach with continuous customization of the animation, with direct and continuous contraposition between the vibrating elasticity of the soft plastic and the elasticity of the system "wire-rod". A bait that "smells of life" and that will give you satisfaction and success in both fresh and in salt water. Just need to let it go free into its element: the water!

Be Water. Be sinkRo.

6pcs per pack.

  • 3 Reviews
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    • Number of Reviews : 3
    • Average Grade : 5 /5
    • F. Tiziano
    •  the 17/01/2019
    • 5/5
    un mito di siliconico...spero di catturarci molte spigole..
    • E. Davide
    •  the 22/02/2018
    • 5/5
    veramente di ottima fattura,lo uso sia con testine piombate che con ami off set
    • R. Andrea
    •  the 24/01/2018
    • 5/5

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