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Lunker City FIN-S-FISH 3.5"



Lunker City FIN-S-FISH is the original life-like baitfish softbait.

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If any artificial lure can mimic a baitfish better than the original Slug-Go®, it's got to be the Fin-S Fish®, with its thinner, deeper-bodied profile and forked tail. The Fin-S Fish® has been part of the Lunker City line up since the mid-eighties. In recent years, its fish catching abilities and its popularity with anglers have prompted a number of manufacturers to blatantly copy the Fin-S Fish® — but none of the copies can come close to matching Lunker City's original in fish catching action or in color patterns that capture the appearance of various baitfish species.
Fish it on an offset-shank hook — "soft-stick-style" — unweighted or with a insert weight to take its dying-baitfish action deeper into the fish's world. Use it on a Carolina or split shot rig. Clip the nose off the Fin-S Fish and rig it on a jig head. However you choose to fish it, the Fin-S Fish® will quickly prove to be one of the most valuable additions to your tackle box!
The Fin-S Fish® comes in sizes to appeal to any fish that eats other fish. The tiny 2.5" model is perfect for perch, crappie and stream trout, and surprisingly effective for smallmouth, walleye, sauger and white bass. The mammoth 10" Fin-S Fish® excites everything from musky to tarpon!
In between, the 4" is a favorite of bass, walleye, redfish and sea trout (weakfish) anglers, while the 5.75" Fin-S Fish® is quickly becoming a tackle box staple for anglers chasing bluefish and stripers in salt water and for bass and northern pike specialists in fresh water. Made in USA.

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