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BKK 6071-7X GT-REX are ultra resistant and reinforced treble hooks.

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BKK 6071-4X RAPTOR-Z represents the pinnacle of BKK hook manufacturing know-how and craftsmanship. We designed RAPTOR-Z to do only one thing: catch BIG FISH! Incredibly strong and possessing the legendary sharpness that all BKK hooks are known for, there’s no getting off the hook when the talons on this RAPTOR latches on!

48Ultra AntiRust
27Ultra AntiRust
16Ultra AntiRust
1/06Ultra AntiRust
2/05Ultra AntiRust
3/06Ultra AntiRust
4/05Ultra AntiRust
5/05Ultra AntiRust

Caution: Do not store BKK hooks with Ultra AntiRust coating together with lead!

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