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BKK 6071-7X GT REX



BKK 6071-7X GT-REX are ultra resistant and reinforced treble hooks.

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BKK 6071-7X GT-REX treble hooks combine the strongest material we’ve got (BKK-81WV) and superior heat treatment technology to achieve ground breaking hook strength and performance. It is an extremely strong and resilient hook that features:

  • welded ring eye;
  • Ultra AntiRust coating;
  • industry’s longest hook point for a treble;
  • wide gap;
  • and signature BKK tips meticulously sharpened and polished by hand.

This is THE expedition hook species hunters around the world have been waiting for!

#5/05Ultra AntiRust
#6/05Ultra AntiRust
#7/04Ultra AntiRust

Caution: Do not store BKK hooks with Ultra AntiRust coating together with lead!

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