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Yamashita EGI SUTTE R 3.0N



Yamashita EGI SUTTE R is a very strong EGI.

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Yamashita has a long history of manufacturing squid jigs. Production of squid jigs began in 1965. Since that time over thousand profiles and colours have been released. In the beginning people thought squid jigs were only for commercial fisherman. Yamashita Egi Sutte R is a very interesting value squid jig. Thanks to the ongoing studies of Yamashita technicians this bait has many innovations from previous models. First of all, all models have "GLOW" body and hydrodynamicity has been improved by thinning head and plunging (knife effect); the eyes have a larger size and a bright green color for all the different versions, the hook has been reinforced and repositioned for greater resistance. The dual drum is of the Super Fine type, with a penetrating surface for a safer grip, no longer tied to nylon but through a metal crimp.

Main differences for the series:
N Series: characterized by monochrome back and light belly,
ND Series: Characterized for streaked back coloring and light belly,
NDX Series: Characterized for streaked back coloring and rainbow inserts on hips and belly,
NC Series: It is characterized by natural colors that imitate various common fish in our seas.

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