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Bait Breath BYS CRAW 3.5"



Bait Breath BYS Series, bass fishing softbaits projected by japaneese Pro Angler Morizo Shimizu.

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Bait Breath BYS CRAW is a craw bait with bunny hair in the middle to add flavor and action. Bait Breath have used a medium soft material with added salt and a BYS mix oil flavoring made from fish, insect and shrimp extract. The under body of BYS Craw is ribbed to hold air and create a vibratory effect comparable to that produced by a female crayfish in incubation; this also creates a large surface area that allow the diffusion of the BYS mix flavor. The animal hair is used to mimic the legs and help keep your lure in a stable position. Whit the large claws and feelers are designed to catch the water and produce tight vibration when swimming. These baits were designed by Morizo Shimizu a japaneese pro angler that made work in bass fishing US tournament (FLW and Bassmaster).


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