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Mister Twister POC'IT Craw 3.5"

Mister Twister


Mister Twister®'s Poc'it® Craw traps air in pockets to attract Black Bass.

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Sight and vibration are essential for catching bass. Mister Twister®'s Poc'it® Craw traps air in pockets. Bubbles are released during the retrieve increasing, both action and vibration. With a natural crawfish profile, it all adds up to aggressive strikes and a great day on the water.

Mister Twister® has come up with a unique new way to attract fish. Mister Twister® Poc'it® lures all feature pockets along their body to maximize the natural presentation process. Air is trapped in these small cavities built into the Poc'it® lure's body. As the lure is drawn through the water the bubbles are released. Not only does this increase both action and vibration, it triggers more aggressive strikes.

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