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Seaspin BOKON

Seaspin Project


SEASPIN BOKON is an imitation of shrimp designed to enhance the presentation in the fall.

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Imitation of shrimp designed to enhance the presentation in the fall, the claws act as a spoon parachute slowing the sinking. Dragging the SEASPIN BOKON on the seabed slimy spoon claws collects mud and then releases it naturally during recovery. Detach the two claws on SEASPIN BOKON becomes a creature that keeps its attractive function through the anterior antennae and legs side, emitting vibrations during the different phases of movement. The inner salt and shrimp scent makes it irresistible bait because the flavor and texture of the compound make that deduction is much longer in the fish’s mouth, preventing it from realizing the deception. The SEASPIN BOKON bait is a unique massive and sized to represent a delicious morsel in the eyes of predators lurking. It can be used to texas rig or as a trailer for the various Jig head. Measure 4 “and is available in 10 colors selected to successfully deal with all types of water, from lighter to darker. Designed by Emanuele Turato.

6 pcs per pack.

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