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    Lucky Craft LC 1.5 SPIN



    Lucky Craft LC 1.5 SPIN is a silent crankbait with a willow blade in belly that create a special swimming action.

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    Type: Floating SILENT Spin Crankbait
    Lenght: 60mm
    Weight: 13g
    Rattling: NO
    Trebles/Hooks: n° 2 #4
    Target: Black Bass
    Depht range: 90-120cm

    The moment a square bill crank bait works its best is when it is at a covered area, it shows the “deflective action”. So we concentrated on this “deflective action” that attracts bass to bite. We then were able to create this new crankbait called the “LC 1.5 Spin”. Just by retrieving, the blade automatically rotates, hits the tail hook and loses it balance which creates the “hunting action”. The “LC 1.5 Spin” has a high reconstruction swimming capability in avoiding unnecessary trouble such as line tangling. Also from its rotating blade, it creates shine & vibration to attract bass.

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