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Lucky Craft SKT MR Silent



LUCKY CRAFT S.K.T. MR is a fast crankbait a tight action bait that could be ripped across 3- to 8-foot flats to cover water quickly and efficiently.

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Type: Floating SILENT Crankbait
Lenght: 60mm
Weight: 11g
Rattling: NO
Trebles/Hooks: n° 3 #6
Target: Black Bass, Pike
Depht range: 120-150cm

Much of Lucky Craft’s famous BDS family of crankbaits are wide-wobbling shallow runners designed to lazily swagger through visible cover. So when professional angler Skeet Reese was asked to design a crankbait for Lucky Craft, he went for speed, looking to make a tight action bait that could be ripped across 3- to 8-foot flats to cover water quickly and efficiently. “I like cranking water that is 8 feet or less,” Reese said. “And I particularly like cranking vast flats and long flat points to find sweet spots holding groups of fish. I needed a bait that I could use in open, flat water to cover water quickly so I designed the S.K.T. Mini MR for that purpose.”Skeet notes that his namesake bait is particularly effective on grass flats when others are using loud, rattling lipless crankbaits. “In the fall and in pre-spawn, when fish gather on hydrilla or milfoil flats in 4 to 8 feet of water, a lipless rattler like and LV-500 is an effective bait,” he said. “But when everyone and their brother have been frothing the water with those loud rattlers, the S.K.T. is a great alternative. It’s a smaller profile that’s quieter and features a fast, skinny vibration that can be ripped through the grass without fowling as much as a wide-wobbling bait.” Reese recommends cranking the S.K.T. Mini on 12 to 15 pound test line to get it to its optimum running depth of 5 to 6 feet.

Skeet's Cranking Pholosophy: S.K.T. MR and S.K.T. mini MR

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